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Help Air conditioner is leaking water

Heaters and central air conditioner, eliminate the moisture in the air therefore they collect a lot of condensation. The way that the units eliminate the liquid is through drainage pipes, that allows the water to escape to either a floor drain, or to a condensate pump that will pump the liquid to a empty or outside. If you see liquid accumulating at the base of the units you could have a leak in the air conditioners extraction tubes. Or possibly a clog in the #anchor# extraction line is obstructing the waters escape, causing the reservoir to over flow Although another reason why could possibly be that the condensate pump may not be working.

Starting at checking the run off tubes. If the air conditioners run-off line is the reason for the problem, you will need to change it, you can aquire the lines at an air conditioner supply or at a home improvement store. You will also need to find the glue for the variety of line you have, make certain to follow the directions.

If the water pump does not work, it is either broke or stuck Should you see that it’s stuck, you will need to take away the top off the pump and clean it out, be sure to disconnect the power prior to deciding to do this. You will learn that if it’s pretty old or busted now is the time to change it.

should the pump run yet not take away the liquid you will need then to check the anti siphon, it really is most probably stuck. Remove the anti siphon, loosen the ball inside, and look for an obstruction. If it appears that a moisture build-up or condensation run-off tube is stopped up with blue green scum, remove it if possible (you might need to cut it and change it out later with a coupling). You can blow it out or thread a slightly stiff wire down it to completely clean it out, however the very best idea is to change it out with a new one. Should you decide not to replace the line you’ll have to kill off the green slime, a One to About 15 % the bleach and liquid will do the trick, you need to pour it in the receptacle and pump it through the air conditioning drainage pipes.

Last but not least, Ice may be blocking the tube. If this is exactly what is happening you must replace or clean your #anchor# filters.

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