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I have water coming from the air conditioner

Or it could be a build-up in the extraction tubing that is stopping the moisture build-up or condensation from draining.. Although another reason could be that the condensate pump might not be working.

The initial thing you should do is find out if one or more of the tubes is leaking. Should you learn that the air conditioning drainage tube is what’s causing it, you will need to acquire new air conditioners drainage tubes at a home improvement store or air conditioning supply store, and then change it. Remember to follow the directions on the pipe glue.

Now check if the pump is getting electricity, and add liquid into the receptacle to check to see if it really is working. The water pump, which is switched on by a ball float inside that goes up with the water level, (like what we had in the rear of the toilet when we were youngsters) should start. If it doesn’t, it’s stuck or broken. come on then it’s stuck or possibly it’s broke If it’s stuck, you ought to be able to detach it from the electrical power and from the inbound tube, take apart the top part, and wash it out thoroughly. If it appears to be corroded, busted, or it really is very old you will most likely just want to replace it, as it will demand replacing before long.

should the power pump run yet not eliminate the liquid you will need then to examine the anti siphon, it is likely stuck. eliminate the anti siphon, loosen up the ball inside and look for an reason for why it really is stuck. If there is green scum in the air conditioning run off pipe you will need to replace it. You might have to use a coupling to attache the new pipe You can blow it out or run a slightly stiff wire down it to completely clean it out, however the best idea is to replace it with a new one. To eliminate the blue green scum, pour a dilute solution of bleach One part chlorine bleach to fifteen parts water into the pump’s trough and pump it out through the tube.

Last but not least, Ice could be blocking the pipe. If this is the situation, clean or change your AC filters.

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